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Product features

3-phase motors

Our 3-phase motors come in 2-pole, 4-pole and 8-pole versions, including pole-changeable variants, and achieve a breakaway torque far in excess of the nominal torque. The resulting high dynamic is crucial in many applications.

Single-phase AC motors

These are variants of our 3-phase motors with an auxiliary phase to connect a capacitor. The breakaway torque and nominal torque are almost identical. They are ideal for situations where no 3-phase power supply is available.

All our 3-phase and AC motors are available with optional temperature monitors, brakes and analogue or digital tachos.

DC motors

We supply many different kinds of DC motors, with electronic or mechanical commutation.

EC and compact EC motors

Our electronically commutated DC motors are state-of-the-art and are available as EC or compact EC motors with mounted electronics. Our EC motors are connected to an AC power supply with an electronic unit, and our compact EC motors are connected to a 24 V DC power supply. Both series offer outstanding performance: high efficiency and power density, very high starting torque, temporary overload capability, high dynamic (low moment of inertia) and demagnetisation safety.

Brushed DC motors

Brushed DC motors are the economical solution for drive engineering applications with simple speed control. They are connected to an AC power supply via the electronic control unit. If space is at a premium, preference is given to permanently excited DC motors. Otherwise, shunt-wound DC motors are a good choice.

Geared motors

We develop, manufacture and distribute drive solutions consisting of a motor and gear unit with the following types of gear: single worm gears, hollow shaft worm gears, double worm gears, spur gears, worm/spur gears, hollow shaft worm/spur gears, and flat gear units with hollow shaft, with a wide range of transmission ratios. WEG hollow shaft gear units reflect the trend towards miniaturisation in machine and plant construction. Our wide range of hollow shaft gear units offers compact drive solutions for all industries. 


Special electronic control units are available for EC motors, shunt-wound DC motors and permanently excited DC motors. The electronics range is rounded off by analogue and digital tachos, electromagnetic brakes and temperature monitors for all types of motor.