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Quality has a long tradition at WEG. Our quality management system is DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified, confirming that all our processes are based on internationally recognised standards. They are also continually reviewed through internal audits and improved where necessary. This quality management system, combined with the dedication and expertise of the WEG team, is what upholds the high quality of our products and services.


Principles of our quality strategy (selected examples)

  • Satisfying the customer’s requirements is our foremost objective. In addition to high utility value and reasonable prices, this includes high quality in everything the company does.
  • Quality applies to all processes, including product development, design, production, delivery reliability, sales and customer support.
  • Each individual, department and function is responsible for the quality in their particular area.
  • We carry out audits to monitor the quality level and to identify potential for continuous improvement.
  • We include suppliers and customers in quality evaluations.

We have also developed other quality principles for employees and suppliers to refer to.